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5616Re: [Clip] Re: Please test new CSS1 library

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  • Wayland_B_Fowler@Raytheon.com
    Feb 1, 2001
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      >>after a very a quick test I only noticed a couple items:
      >>1. the <BR> is something I've never seen, e.g.
      >><br class="7" id="that" />
      >>for one, I was thinking that <BR> is empty and therefore requires no
      >>close </BR>. for another, I never heard of class and id for <BR>, and
      >>can't seem to come up with a hypothetical instance where this might
      >>actually do something....I would like to review some documentation on
      >>this particular application, some things do slip past me...

      >The syntax is correct. Through style sheets you can, for example, define
      >the amount of space the blank line occupies.

      Eric, by "amount of space the blank line occupies.", do you mean the
      vertical space? If so, I did not know that this could be done via a style
      sheet. I have been doing this in a very weird way, like this:

      <font size=?> <br></font>

      Now, I thought that all the <br> did was take us to a new line, so my way
      to control the vertical space was to put some white space on the line and
      then do the <br>, hence the single line of code above.

      >> > If I remember to do so I correct this to
      >> > <SCRIPT>
      >> > <!--
      >> >
      >> > //-->
      >> > </SCRIPT>

      >Thanks for your comments Stephen and Michiel. So what's the best approach?

      >Double slash or not? What do others use?

      I have had strange results without the double slash, I prefer the double
      slash, like Michiel did, above!


      Wayland Fowler
      Software Engineer (and all around nice guy!)
      (281) 280-4446
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