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5492Re: extract color from web page

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  • thefrank
    Jan 17, 2001
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      At this time there are 2 versions of ColorPalates in use, the
      original and the *new-and-improved* revision.

      When you hit the page there are 2 different download links:
      Download All ColorPalates...zipped Win98 69kb (latest revision) and
      Download Only Revised Files...zipped Win98 10kb (to patch earlier

      The 69kb zip contains all necessary current files for all three
      ColorPalates. The 10kb zip contains only the additional and
      replacements files necessary to update the earlier version.

      If you have never downloaded ColorPalates use the 69kb zip.

      If you download both and install, it won't hurt anything. You will
      just overwrite some good files with the same files. The original
      version was a 68kb zip.

      The original version is no longer available for download.


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