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5444Re: extract color from web page

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  • Don Passenger
    Jan 12, 2001
      I asked: "or is there another way?" So I am happy to learn of the
      control F5 function. I didn't know it existed. Unfortunately it
      isn't the 216 safe color palette, which was also part of the goal.

      I tried the clip below for lower case insert. It worked well with
      one exception. The line "^!Open ^%HtmDoc%" caused an error message
      if the file were a new file and not yet saved. I removed that line
      and it seemed to run error free whether it was a new or existing
      file. Because it was run out of the file, it returned control there
      upon closing of the new window anyway. Sudden thought occurs (so I
      gather myself back together and shake off the pain): I did not try it
      with non-adjoining tabs...would that affect it? Should you save on
      the way out and leave that line in? (end of sudden thought -- return
      to thoughtlessness).

      I am continually amazed at the knowledge here ... witness the current
      thread on the append question. Thanks all always for your help.

      Next I will try to understand what Jody wrote on this thread. Does
      that give me a color safe palette Jody?

      > snip...Those colors aren't web safe and
      at least
      > > I find it much easier to choose the color from a page.snip...

      H="Pick a Color, lower case"
      ^!Set %HtmDoc%=^$GetDocName$
      ^!Toolbar New Document
      ^!Keyboard CTRL+F5
      ^!select All
      ^!Keyboard Ctrl+L
      ^!Toolbar Copy
      ^!Toolbar Delete Document
      ^!Open ^%HtmDoc%
      ^!Toolbar Paste

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