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5437Re: [Clip] extract color from web page

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  • Lotta
    Jan 11, 2001
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      Hi Stephen,

      >This is all well and good, but my question is why when you can just press
      >CTRL+F5 and do the same thing except easier:

      But it doesn't do the same thing. Those colors aren't web safe and at least
      I find it much easier to choose the color from a page. I don't know, maybe
      we are just trying to learn something?

      >H="Pick a Color"
      >^!Keyboard CTRL+F5

      >It automatically inserts your rgb code (except it uses all caps when I prefer

      Nothing fancy, but miniscule they are ;-)
      Good night,

      H="Pick a Color, lower case"
      ^!Set %HtmDoc%=^$GetDocName$
      ^!Toolbar New Document
      ^!Keyboard CTRL+F5
      ^!select All
      ^!Keyboard Ctrl+L
      ^!Toolbar Copy
      ^!Toolbar Delete Document
      ^!Open ^%HtmDoc%
      ^!Toolbar Paste

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