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5428Re: [Clip] extract color from web page

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  • Lotta
    Jan 11, 2001
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      Hi Don,

      >Goal: from ntp, select a color for font or body using a clip which selects
      >from a graphic

      >I took the script at
      >http://javascript.internet.com/calculators/rgb-slider.html (click on
      >slider demo) and put it on my hard drive.

      I used this short snip with a color chart, but grew tired of it. Perhaps it
      isn't exactly what you asked for, but it should work with your picker and
      perhaps it can serve as a starting point. If you put your html documents in
      NTB's Documents folder you only have to edit the path to your browser and
      alter the document name (here "slider.html").

      1. Put the cursor where you want the hex value inserted.
      2. Click "ColorPick" to bring the color picker up
      3. Double click in the hex box to select the value
      4. Ctrl + C to copy and NTB will insert the hex value at the position where
      you left the cursor.
      5. Put the cursor in the next tag, select next color and so on. When you
      are ready, close the library or it will continue to paste from the clip board.

      If you need a good "eye dropper", try
      DotColor http://www.inetis.com/freeware.asp Much easier ;-)


      ^!"c:\Program\Internet Explorer\Iexplore.exe" "^$GetDocumentPath$slider.html"

      ^!FocusApp *NoteTab Pro
      ^!InsertText #^$GetClipboard$

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