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  • Alan
    Jan 4, 2001
      Hi David,

      >I have an otl that I am trying to open with a clip , If I put the path
      >d:\notetabstd\otl\test.otl , into the clip myself it works , but I can
      >not seem
      >to work out how to get notetabstd to do it itself .

      I unsure what you mean by do it itself. From the operator or clip writer,
      NTB has to be issued command(s) in order to get anything done. Or, use a
      get function to obtain needed info, set it into a variable then use a
      command on the whole works.

      Nearly a myriad (at least several ways) of different ways exists with which
      to get your file opened up in NoteTab.

      NTB has some get functions which apply to certain directories if your file
      happens to be located in one of those directories. For more on what I
      speak of here, look in help section at Clip Language-Disk Directories, look
      at the ^$Get functions therein.

      Array with checkboxes to select which file to open is another possibility.

      The following is only two lines of code; it has a ^!Set line and an ^!Open
      line. The Set was one long line but I broke it up to send via email. At
      the points where I broke up the line, it had no spaces. You'll need
      carefully remove line breaks, make set line (currently the 4 lines above
      the ^!Open line) back into one lengthy line. Code for a simple clip follows.

      ^!Set %Dir%=^?{(H=14)Select Directory==C:\Program Files\

      NoteTab Pro\|C:\|D:\install\|_d:\notetabstd\otl\|C:\Program Files\

      NoteTab Pro\Documents\|C:\My Documents\}; %Fil%=

      ^!Open ^%Dir%^%Fil%
      ;-------<end of clip code<<

      Regards. Alan.
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