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5379FIND+REPLACE : Stop Automatically Checkmarking "Criteria","Whole Words" in a clip like !Replace "" >> """ AS

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  • Hans Witschi
    Jan 4, 2001
      How to STOP Automatically Checkmarking "Criteria","Whole Words" in a
      clip like !Replace "" >> """ AS

      Dear NTBrs

      In text versions of newpaper documents from the Internet -- specially
      from Europe -- there are frequently this little black boxes = . They
      appear instead of an „ or " for example. I want replace this little
      black thing with a simple " (the remaining others with -, or with :) .
      A clip like !Replace "" AS >> """ assumes that this  is a whole word
      and automatically checkmarks "Whole Words" in Criteria. So it can't find
      If I do replace it without a clip and uncheck "Whole Words", it has no
      problems to find and replaces all occurences.

      How can I tell NoteTab to stop automatical checkmarking "Whole Words" in
      Criteria, when it sees a blackbox-character , when I'm running the clip
      below ?

      [ = black box]

      ;Quotationmark Beginning of Word
      ^!Replace "" >> """ AS
      ;Quotationmark End of Word
      ^!Replace "" >> """ AS

      ^!Replace "" >> "-" AS
      ^!Replace "" >> ":" AS


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