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5351Re: [Clip]Integer was: Regular oppression

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  • Lotta
    Jan 1, 2001
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      Sorry, I forgot to change the subject, my question has nothing to do with
      regular expressions.

      >NoteTab uses plain English for dummies like me... :)
      >^!IfFalse ^$IsNumber(^%Data%)$ Skip
      >^!Info ^%Data% is a number, or integer if you will. ;)

      I did some searching to find the correct English word :-). Seems like this
      is a language problem again. Thought a 'number' could have decimals, so I
      took it ^!IsNumber distinguished between numeric and alphabetical
      characters. If number = integer it's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

      > >2. How do I make a Clip open a folder in the same way as if
      >H="Explorer C:\"
      >^!Explorer C:\

      I have forgotten how to make the red ears smilie. But I'm blushing.

      >For more info look in I think C:\Windows\Tips.txt

      Found that one some time ago. There is good stuff about keyboard short cuts
      and DOS for the simple minded like me in Tips too. Bill ought to put all
      those hidden little things in their own directory.

      Thanks a lot,
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