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5219Re: [Clip] request for clip to 'bracket' text within an outline

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  • Stephen Riddle
    Dec 9 7:14 PM
      Hi, I'm just now getting your message,
      If it has not been answered yet, here is a clip I have been using for some
      it works to enclose selected text in square brackets.:

      ;*********begin clip
      H="Text HYPERLINK"
      ;********end clip

      If you wish to just have your cursor on a line and do this with the whole

      ;**********begin clip
      H="text HYPERLINK from line"
      ^!Select LINE
      ;**********end clip

      You may choose to remove the New Line Variable (^%NL%), but if your line is
      wor wrapped previously, the modified line looks wierd without it.
      Good luck
      tpg@... wrote:

      > I would like to be able to click an icon on my ClipBar and have
      > square brackets put around the line my cursor is on so that the
      > entire line displays within the outline as highlighted.
      > Is there already a clip that does this?
      > If not, is there one close to it that I can use as an example?
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