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  • Elizabeth Wild
    Dec 1, 2000
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      Here is what I would do --

      In place of the ^!Inc command I would use ^!Set %N%=^$Calc(^%N%=1)$. I would set it up this way simply because I can never get ^!Inc to work the way I want it
      to (probably because I don't really understand what it is supposed to do).

      Well that's my 2 cents on how to handle this.


      Original message from: David McIntosh
      >Hi list
      >Trying to make clip to make the format below could not work out how to
      >include [ 0 ] in the Inc. command???
      >artist=Abraxas Pool
      >title=Abraxas Pool
      >0=Boom Ba Ta Ya
      >1=A Million Miles Away
      >2=Baila Mi Cha Cha
      >3=Waiting For You
      >the no. of tracks can vary.
      >H="Track & count"
      >^!SET %ROWT%=^$GETROW$
      >^!SET %ROWB%=^$GETROW$
      >^!SET %trackCount%=^$calc(^%ROWB% - ^%ROWT%)$
      >^!SET %N%=1
      >^!SetCursor ^%ROWT%:1
      >^!Jump LINE_START
      >^!INSERT ^%N%=
      >^!INC %N%
      >^!JUMP +1
      >^!IF ^%N% <= ^%trackCount% START
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