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5038Re: [Clip] Remove Paragraph numbers

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  • PatHanneman
    Nov 1, 2000
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      Long time ago .... (06/05/2000), Wayne wrote:
      in re removing paragraph numbers from a document....

      >^!Find "^\D*\d+\. " SR
      > ^ => Beginning of a line
      > \D* => Any number of non-digits
      > \d+ => One or more digits
      > \. => A literal period
      > => A Space

      Is there a way to replace the number with a ^P

      while using a ^!Replace, regular expression command? in one step like this?

      H="replace paragraph numbers - test"
      ;begin long line
      ^!Continue This clip removes paragraph numbers and ^%NL%separates paragraphs with a blank line. OK to continue?
      ;end long line
      ^!SetScreenUpdate OFF
      ^!Replace "^\d+\. " >> ^p SHRA
      ^!SetScreenUpdate ON
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