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501[Clip] Hotkeys: was Looking for a better way to switch files than this

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  • Larry Thomas
    Jun 7, 1999
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      Hi Jody, Forrest, and All,

      At 12:26 PM 6/7/1999 -0500, you wrote:
      >Hi Forrest,
      >> Thanks much for the changes. Now all I need is a better way to
      >> hot-key it than using autoreplace...!
      >Maybe we'll get lucky and get it in the Gold. Hot-keys sure would
      >be nice! I'm pretty sure we will have a configurable toolbar that
      >we will be able to assign clips to so that would work and maybe Eric
      >could nake it so we added our own hotkeys to the tools we made.
      >Imagine, hotkey your favorite clip from anywhere in Windows. :) It
      >would open up a whole new world for us!


      Hotkeys version 1.42 March 12, 1999

      Give your poor mouse a break with Hotkeys. Hotkeys is similar to the
      Microsoft Intellitype software, in that it gives you fast and easy access
      to a lot of common Windows 95 elements through keyboard shortcuts.

      Hotkeys does this and a lot more. Use it to define hotkeys to launch
      applications such as Control Panel applets or frequently used programs;
      send keystrokes to other applications; exit Windows, log-off Windows, or
      reboot your computer; switch to one of Hotkeys' built-in virtual
      clipboards; quickly access some of Hotkeys' internal functions such as its
      editor or hotkey list. Hotkeys works with nearly every key on your
      keyboard, including that seldom-used Windows key. You can even instruct
      Hotkeys to execute multiple Hotkeys commands sequentially, making it the
      ideal tool for scripting tasks you have to perform often.


      I have tried this and it works nicely. Something you can use until Eric
      adds the function to NoteTab Gold ;-)

      Hotkeys Home Page:

      Downlaod Hotkeys 1.42:




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