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4779Re: Clip to Generate File Listings?

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  • Hugo Paulissen
    Sep 25 2:20 AM
      Hi all,

      First of all, my condoleances go out to Jody and his family.

      --- In ntb-clips@egroups.com, Jody <KJB1611@a...> wrote:
      > Hi Sheri,
      > >> ^$GetFiles("c:\Program Files\NoteTab
      > >Pro\Documents";*.txt;AR;DATE;True)$
      > >
      > >Count me in <g>
      > You guys are all going to run mr broke having to pay you to say
      > you want it, <bg> That's five of us Eric and I suppose the rest
      > are too shy too post. ;)

      Well, if it helps, just add my name as well...

      The directory listing that Eb came up with works just fine!
      > ^$GetDosOutput(dir /a:-d /b /s "C:\temp\*.*") returns only the

      Very occasionaly I need to do a job like this, and it seems as if all
      the attention payed to the problem of the "GetSubFolder"-problem is a
      little excessive. OTOH, it must have to do with the believe that you
      can do it ALL with NTP and I too have had some sleepless hours
      because I couldn't find an elegant solution for the problem.

      > >> ^$GetFiles("c:\Program Files\NoteTab
      > >Pro\Documents";*.txt;AR;DATE;True)$

      The problem with GetFiles is that it only generates output if the
      folder that is searched actually contains Files. Output is blank if
      it is used in a folder that only contains a subfolder. If you only
      need a foldername (e.g. save a file to a specific folder) the Function
      ^$GetFolder$ could be useful.


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