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4742Re: Clip to Generate File Listings?

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  • Sheri
    Sep 21, 2000
      Hi Grant,

      --- In ntb-clips@egroups.com, "Grant" <emerge@p...> wrote:
      > > I realize we can do it with DOS, but... ;)
      > You can also instantiate The FileSystemObject and do it the COM way.
      > The FSO object model, is contained in the Scripting type library
      > (Scrrun.dll)..which is part of the wsh install..which comes with ie5
      > win2k.win98 Me etc...Get the hint.. M$oft is suggesting you to use
      > instead of DOS.
      > The Ist clip gets an array of all folders and subFolders in a folder
      > The 2nd is a script which runs in the wsh//You do not run this it
      > called from the first
      > The last clip get all files in a folder including subs and places
      in a
      > array. It relies on the first two

      I couldn't get the third one to work (there is an unexpected input
      field?), but I tried the first one, just putting the array of folders
      (^%folders%) into an empty document. Like DOS, unfortunately, this
      method transforms accented characters. A directory named "Bohéme"
      appears as "Boh‚me".

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