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472[Clip] Check-By-Phone/Fax/Email Clip

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  • Steve Veltkamp
    Jun 1, 1999
      I've written a clip that will print checks on Versacheck
      paper found in Office Depot/Staples when somebody orders by
      check over phone, fax or internet. No signature required -
      it's called a draft. Anyway, the link below leads to a zip
      file containing 3 files: the clip, an MICR TrueType font
      you'll need to install, and a check.htm template.

      It works (I spent all day getting the spacing just right)
      with my XEROX XD100 laser printer and Internet Explorer.
      You'll have to adjust your margins for your printer. You'll
      also have to change the Pay To The Order Of in the template,
      or all the checks will get deposited into my account ;->

      It could also be used with a little modification to print
      your own blank checks for your own use.

      Anyone interested can download the zip file from

      For mutual success,
      Steve Veltkamp, Biz$hop Online
      1713 E 3rd St, Pt Angeles WA 98362
      (360)452-2418 or (800)949-8029 Fax:(603)761-1410
      On the Web at http://www.bizshop.com and http://www.learnhow.to


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