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4712Re: Clip to Generate File Listings?

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  • Sheri
    Sep 19, 2000
      --- In ntb-clips@egroups.com, Larry Thomas <larryt@c...> wrote:
      > It sure takes a lot of doing to get some of these things to work
      right. I
      > do believe that there is yet a third way to approach this. Dos
      will get
      > the information in the correct format (mostly) but it messes up the
      > accented characters. ^$GetFiles$ will preserve the accented
      characters but
      > it will not get the subfolders as dos will. It seems to me that
      the best
      > approach would be to use both methods together. Let dos get the
      > names and save them to a file. dir /on/ad/b/s > FolderList.txt
      will do
      > this. Then use ^$GetFileText(FolderList.txt)$ to pass the folder
      names to
      > an array. Then set up a series of loops with ^$GetFiles$ and the
      > variables to produce the list you want for all of the subfolders
      > This will be a bit complicated but I plan to play with it in bits
      > pieces of the next day or two to see what I can do.

      Hi again, Larry!

      Thanks so much for your help and support.

      It really would be nice if DOS worked properly, but there are some
      accented characters, even in the the folder names! :(

      I've found another way to skin the cat. There were some programs
      developed by Microsoft for use with Windows 95, called Powertoys.
      Most of them work in Windows 98 -- one will Send File Names to
      Clipboard. I can highlight the subdirectories in Windows Explorer,
      right-click, and choose Send To Clipboard as Name, and then paste the
      list into a New Document. These are fully qualified directory names,
      except that they don't have the backslash at the end of each line. I
      was fooling around trying to use a regular expression in a replace
      command to get the backslashes on the end of each line, but haven't
      had any luck. Do you know how to do that, or would it be better to
      add them during your array process?

      Thanks again,
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