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4698Re: [Clip] Re: Clip to Generate File Listings?

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  • Larry Thomas
    Sep 18, 2000
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      Hi Sheri,

      My first clip today has a problem in that the file gets opened before the
      redirected output finishes being written to it. The modification to the
      clip below overcomes this problem by having the batch file open the
      document when it is finished.

      I also realized that your wish to save the file is already taken care of in
      this clip. You could make a wizard to specify a different Path\Filename
      for it when the clip is run but even without opening the file, the
      redirection in effect, saves it by creating it. Just change the Name and
      Path to where you want it to go. The only reason for opening it in NoteTab
      is to see it and possibly furthur edit and resave the changes.

      ______[Copy below this line]_______
      ;Larry Thomas <larryt@...>
      ;09/18/2000, 11:23:45 AM
      ;----------------------[begin long line]---------------------------
      ^!Set %Dirname%=^?{(H=10)Select Folder to browse from:==_C:\|C:\PROGRAM
      FILES\NoteTab Pro|C:\My Documents}
      ;-----------------------[end long line]----------------------------
      ^!Set %Dirname%=^?{(T=D)Full dir path, end in backslash==^%Dirname%}*.*
      ;----------------------[begin long line]---------------------------
      ^!Set %Reverse%=^?{(H=10)Set
      Direction==_Ascending^=|Decending^=-};%Sort%=^?{(H=10)Set Sort
      ;-----------------------[end long line]----------------------------
      ^!DeleteFile "DirInfo.txt"
      ;----------------------[begin long line]---------------------------
      ^!TextToFile "Folder.bat" dir /a-d/o^%Reverse%^%Sort%/b/s "^%Dirname%" >
      ;-----------------------[end long line]----------------------------
      ^!AppendToFile "Folder.bat" ^%nl%"^$GetAppFileName$" DirInfo.txt
      ^!CmdShow Minimize
      ^!Run Folder.bat
      _____[Copy above this line]______
      | right click over the clipbook |
      | and choose "Add from Clipboard" |


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