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4689Re: [Clip] Re: Clip to Generate File Listings?

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  • Larry Thomas
    Sep 17, 2000
      Hi Sheri,

      At 09:45 PM 09/17/2000 -0000, you wrote:
      >Thanks for the input Larry,
      >Unfortunately, I get page faults (blue screen) when I try to run your
      >clip <g>. Ctrl-Alt-Delete, shows that WINOLDAP has stopped

      You probably have a problem with your system as Jim Lowry did. See the
      posts with the subject line: Re: [Clip] GetOutput locks my machine to see
      what we tried and what he finally had to do to get it working.

      I have another idea for you to try but I have something else that needs
      doing right now so I will post it later and you can let me know tomorrow if
      it works. If you want to try it yourself first just use the wizards that I
      set up for you but do not use the ^$GetOutput$ function. Instead use them
      in a clip such as:

      ^!DeleteFile "DirInfo.txt"
      ^!Dos Dir > DirInfo.txt
      ^!IfFileExist "DirInfo.txt" Next Else Loop
      ^!Open "DirInfo.txt"


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