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4589Re: [Clip] trying to remove some spaces at the end of a line

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  • Larry Thomas
    Sep 5, 2000
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      Hi Don,

      At 01:11 PM 09/05/2000 -0400, you wrote:
      >Thank you to each one of you for the help.
      >What a helpful group! No wonder Note Tab is the #one user preferred program
      >in its class!
      >I learned a lot from reading through the suggestions. Finding this bit:
      >made the whole exercise worthwhile, without anything more! Some of my
      >actual data in fact had leading spaces too, the more I looked at it, so that
      >took care of it before I even realized I had the problem.
      >I took some version of the suggestions and I processed all 373 records I had
      >(actually 26 lines per record...though my example just had 4...by the 373
      >records) and got the correct format for output which I successfully imported
      >into Access and now have a new database. Awesome.

      Well, finally it looks like my clip would have worked for you after all
      with a modification to loop through each of the records. If you look at
      ^!Select and try it, you will discover that you can select a group of lines
      from the current cursor position by typing ^!Select ^%Number% with
      ^%Number% containing the number of lines you want to select. When you use
      my clip as a part of this to process that selection, then you would use
      ^!Jump +1 to go to the next line and then ^!Select ^%Number% again for the
      next record until you reached the end of the file and you would have to
      have the loop that you had to tell the clip when the end of the file was
      reached and to quit.


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