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4560Re: [Clip] Clip bar library versus the current library [2]

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  • Jody
    Sep 2, 2000
      Hi Eb and Larry,

      >The clip I'm working on presents a checklist of active (checked)
      >and inactive (unchecked) libraries from which to select the new
      >active list. A second wizard presents the new active list for
      >chosing the new default library. My previous problem was about
      >highlighting the current library as default in this second

      I don't know exactly what you are doing, but perhaps you can use:

      ^$GetDefaultValue(ValueList)$ (added in v4.6)
      ^$SetDefaultValue(ValueList;DefaultValue)$ (added in v4.6)

      There is an example Clip in SampleCode: Remember default value

      >Now I realized that if I remove the current lib from active duty,

      Did you enlist your Libraries into the Army? :) Or, were you one of
      those Wingnuts>:?รพ~~~~

      Happy Clip'n!


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