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4556Re: [Clip] Clip bar library versus the current library [2]

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  • Eb Guenther
    Sep 2 9:22 AM
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      Hi Larry, Jody,

      Thanks for your comments and solutions.

      Since my first post on this subject another problem has shown up.

      The clip I'm working on presents a checklist of active (checked) and
      inactive (unchecked) libraries from which to select the new active list.
      A second wizard presents the new active list for chosing the new default
      library. My previous problem was about highlighting the current library as
      default in this second wizard.

      Now I realized that if I remove the current lib from active duty, it will
      disappear from the wizard, and cannot be set as default anyway. Even so I
      might want to keep that library as current. The only way to do that is not
      to select a different library. In other words, CANCEL out of the wizard.

      So, I'll just leave the clip as is -- no default lib (or maybe add a "Kepp
      Existing" choice). I will continue to cancel out of the wizard to chose
      the current library

      Thanks for your efforts guys. I did learn from your suggestions, even if I
      cannot go this route at this time.

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