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4552Re: [Clip] Clip bar library versus the current library

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  • Jody
    Sep 1, 2000
      Hi Eb

      >Thanks for your suggestion. It works, and I will try it for a
      >while. Though the ^!Keyboard command always has me concerned
      >about keyboard conflicts :-(.

      It normally works pretty good, just kind of flashy. ;) The View
      menu is a bit trickier. Delays are needed because of the Clipbar
      menu. Eric is real good about not changing the shortcuts also.

      >Also see my post to Larry.

      I did and after reading it and getting confused, I closed it for
      later, or is that Larry. ;)

      >One half-vast solution would be to add an "INI file" option for the
      >^$GetValue function. I.e. ^$GetValue([[file:]section:]key)$

      ^!SetIniFile FileName

      It gets tricky when other ini files are involved. You need to
      get the current ini and save it in a variable then restore it
      after you do what you have to do. I've run into it a number of
      times with Clipbar Clips.

      >Better would be to provide a separate function to identify the
      >default library in the clipbook, as opposed to one that returns
      >the library a clip is located in. I.e. ^$GetClipbookLib$.

      Yes, or just make ^$GetLibraryName$ do that. If you are the one
      running the Clip you ought to know what Library it is in already.

      Happy Clip'n!


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