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4551Re: [Clip] Clip bar library versus the current library

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  • Larry Thomas
    Sep 1, 2000
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      Hi Eb,

      At 01:07 PM 09/01/2000 -0400, you wrote:
      >Hi Larry,
      >>Here is the trick. Place the clip below in any library and then place a
      >>button to it on the clipbar and click on it with different libraries open.
      >>---------< start clip >---------
      >>H="GetLibrary Name"
      >>;Larry Thomas <larryt@...>
      >>;08/31/2000, 05:20:58 PM
      >>^!Info ^$GetValue(Clipbook:DefaultLibrary)$
      >>---------< end clip >-----------
      >Thanks for your suggestion. It works, but has some side effects with
      >special INI files.
      >If I don't give the command an INI file name it seems to save to the
      >start-up INI file, and without ^!ProgIniLoad the current INI file does not
      >have the DefaultLibrary variable, and _with_ ^!ProgIniLoad it changes to
      >the INI file it's loading.
      >On the other hand, if I _do_ give it my INI file name (^$GetIniFile$), then
      >^!ProgIniSave changes my small 1 KB INI file, containing only the data I
      >want it to hold, to a hard to handle 10 KB file, containing the whole
      >NoteTab configuration.
      >Am I making sense?

      You are not stuck with the keyboard command or at least I don't think so.
      The keyboard command sequence could actually be simpler than what I am
      suggesting but here goes.

      ;without a file name this sets the default to Notepro.ini
      ^!Set %LibraryName%=$GetValue(Clipbook:DefaultLibrary)$
      ^!SetIniFile Small.ini
      ;switches the ini to the small one you want
      ^!SaveValue Clipbook:DefaultLibrary=^%LibraryName%

      !SetIniFile changes all ini save and load commands to the ini files
      specified after it without further identification required by you. This
      will remain in effect through the clip execution until and unless you
      change it with another !SetIniFile command. The last two lines should save
      to and load information from your small ini file. ^!ProgIniSave is a
      general save of most if not all of NoteTab's settings to the currently
      defined ini file and you should not use it there for your purposes. You
      need to use ^!SaveValue instead which limits the saved information to that
      which you want saved and not all of or most of NoteTab's current settings.



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