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4550Re: [Clip] Clip bar library versus the current library

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  • Eb Guenther
    Sep 1, 2000
      Hi Jody,

      > >I want to run a clip from the Clipbar, and return the active
      > >library in Clipbook window, and need this to work for any
      > >library.

      Thanks for your suggestion. It works, and I will try it for a while.
      Though the ^!Keyboard command always has me concerned about keyboard
      conflicts :-(.

      Also see my post to Larry. There would seem to be a need for a better way
      to retrieve the current library name.

      One half-vast solution would be to add an "INI file" option for the
      ^$GetValue function. I.e. ^$GetValue([[file:]section:]key)$

      Better would be to provide a separate function to identify the default
      library in the clipbook, as opposed to one that returns the library a clip
      is located in. I.e. ^$GetClipbookLib$.


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