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4546Re: [Clip] Clip bar library versus the current library

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  • Larry Thomas
    Aug 31, 2000
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      Hi Eb, Jody, Eric and All,

      At 04:20 PM 08/31/2000 -0500, Jody wrote:
      >Hi Eb and Eric,
      >>"^$GetLibraryName$" returns the library a clip is located
      >>in, but I need a way to return the library name currently
      >>displayed in the clipbook.
      >>I want to run a clip from the Clipbar, and return the active
      >>library in Clipbook window, and need this to work for any
      >Eric's Clipbar caught him in telling us a little fib. ;)
      >Returns the name of the current Clipbook library.
      >It does what Eb says it does.
      >Eric, I don't remember if I told you this or just had good
      >intentions, but Ctrl+C does not work in the Rename popup from the
      >Clipbook combobox. See below, the ;commented line no workie due
      >to no Ctrl+C.
      >It be a wee bit sloppy, but it works:
      >^!SetFocus Clipbook
      >; ^!Keyboard Shift+Tab Shift+F10 &10 R &50 Ctrl+C ESC
      >; You may be able to take out the delay
      >^!Keyboard Shift+Tab Shift+F10 &10 R &50 Shift+F10 C ESC
      >^!Set %LibName%=^$GetClipboard$
      >^!Info ^%LibName%
      >^!Info ^$GetValue(Clipbook:DefaultLibrary)$ doesn't work because
      >the setting doesn't get changed until shutdown. There might be
      >another way, but I do not know the trick.

      Here is the trick. Place the clip below in any library and then place a
      button to it on the clipbar and click on it with different libraries open.

      ---------< start clip >---------
      H="GetLibrary Name"
      ;Larry Thomas <larryt@...>
      ;08/31/2000, 05:20:58 PM
      ^!Info ^$GetValue(Clipbook:DefaultLibrary)$
      ---------< end clip >-----------


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