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4271Re: [Clip] Re: Newbie with a project (macro? simple?)

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  • Jody
    Aug 9, 2000
      Hi Sheri,

      >> >^!KeyboardDelay 0
      >> I forgot what you said you used that for like that?
      >The Keyboard keystrokes just go faster with that set

      I guess that is what Eric meant by "Set nnn to 0 for maximum
      speed." in Help. ;) He might have a delay built in the command
      already - I'll find out sometime.

      >> >^!If ^%NewData% <>"NA" ^!SetClipboard ^$GetClipboard$ (^%NewData%)
      >ok, but it works ;)

      Yes, but you should still keep your quotes or not quotes even and
      also the spaces:

      ^!If "^%NewData%" <> "NA"
      ^!If ^%NewData% <> NA

      ^!If Integer1 <>= Integer2
      ^!If "String1" <>= "String2"

      >I never was able to get selecting a field with a delimiter to
      >work either.

      Try ^$GetField(row:col)$ when in NoteTab. If it is from your
      other program you might try copying the line and use something

      ^!Toolbar Paste New
      ^!Set %Field%=^$GetField(1:col)$
      ^!Close Discard

      "Col" is not a character column, but a field column:

      field1=column1 field2=column2 field3=column3

      >Think I mentioned before that I am using 4.81 with Trial Features
      >enabled. Thought this included the full feature set, but I can't
      >find the option to show unprintable characters.

      View | Nonprinting text (Shift+F12) or the Toolbar/Shortcut menu

      (I checked this time to make sure I was right instead of going
      from memory like the Perl/Number Lines thread <g> thanks Larry)

      >Also, I know that 4.82 is out, since you mentioned it. Is it
      >possible to reinstall or update with a Trial version activated or
      >should I stay with 4.81 for a month?

      I don't think you will have any problem installing over 4.81.
      You might get lucky and reset the timer. <g>

      >Sheri, with an "i" <g>


      Happy Clip'n!


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