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4245Re: Newbie with a project (macro? simple?)

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  • Sheri
    Aug 8, 2000
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      Hi Jody,

      > Try looping the whole Clip. You can also you a loop checking for
      > like:
      > ^!Delay 2
      > ^!IfTrue ^$IsAltKeyDown$ Next else Skip_-1
      > to look at the edit thing you wanted to in your program, even do
      > a copy of it, and then press the Alt key when you want to get the
      > prompt to enter your text.

      Both interesting ideas I'll have to play with <g>

      Just have to keep the two apps syncronized on the data. There are
      more records in the text file than are showing in the Catalog
      listing. Very often the next record in each app matches though.
      Also, I may try to alter the contents pasted in the description based
      on the value of my input field (beyond pasting the actual value of
      the field).

      > > That is the one place that the macro still occasionally fails,
      > > swapping panes with SHIFT-TAB, followed by a Delay. <g>
      > There might be a way, but it is hard to tell from this end. ;)

      Is it possible to access the status line of the window (down at the
      bottom) similar to the titlebar text? When the focus is on the Left
      Side of the Explorer like window, the first field of the status line
      says "Loaded" and the second field has the name of the current disk
      or folder. When you switch to the right pane, the first field still
      says "Loaded" but the second field says "Previous Folder...". If I
      could somehow know that the second field equals "Previous Folder..."
      my ^!KEYBOARD DOWN would happen in the right place.

      > > Reading the feature comparison, I noted that labels are
      > > excluded from the Light version. I imagine they would be pretty
      > > important for complex tasks, logical branching, etc.?
      > Where are you reading that at? That should not be there anymore.
      > Light now supports and Clip code that Standard does.

      Had a hard time finding it again <g>

      In the Help file, "Clip Language - Testing Conditions" last command
      shown is:

      >Returns 1 if the NoteTab program currently running is the Freeware
      >version (trial mode not enabled), or 0 if it is not. Useful to check
      >if the full set of Clipbook commands are supported or not. The
      >Freeware version does not support labels (except EXIT) nor the
      >following features: RunPerl, RunGawk, RunScript.

      I'm not positive that this is where I read it, but it looks familiar.

      Take care,
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