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4199Re: Extending selection in clip

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  • thefrank
    Jul 30, 2000
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      > What I've been doing is using ^!Find to get to a block of text
      > (in this case a specific combination of HTML tags), then using
      > ^!Keyboard to unselect the found text and set the input location
      > to the beginning of the text just after the found block. What I
      > want to do now is select the text from the input location to the
      > first closing tag for said HTML block.

      just a thought...

      (I'm guessing *input location* == cursor position) from this step why
      not save the cursor position (counted from the beginning of the line)
      as a variable, then initiate another find to select the *</* part of
      any closing tag, jump to end of selection and count that position,
      subtract the count of one from the other and replace the variable
      value, jump (cursor) back that value, then from that position select
      the equivalent in characters (forward) using the value of the new

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