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395[Clip] Re: Get decimal value of asci characters

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  • Kay Roath
    May 1, 1999
      4/30/1999 6:01 PM Jody wrote

      > No-go:
      > ^$StrDelete("abcdefghi";"4";"3")$

      > So the reason I always have to go to a reference is, because
      > I cannot remember where all the quotes go or don't go. :(

      It's one of those 'programming' things. Quotes go with
      'strings' (a bunch of letters) but not with numbers

      Even though I said 'numbers', the letters that make up a
      variable with a numeric value qualify. It's not actually
      what you type into the field, it's the type of value that
      NoteTab expects to find when it reads what you put there
      that determines whether you can use quotes or not.

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