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3869Re: [Clip] Remove numbers from a document

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  • Jody
    Jun 7, 2000
      Hi Wayne,

      > I've worked on it bit by bit. I still have so many other
      > things going on that I haven't had a day to just sit down and
      > finish it. I use it for reference myself, and fix portions as
      > I find problems. But currently, most of the newer commands and
      > functions still lack cross-references.

      OK, thanks! Did you get my latest update? I don't remember if I
      sent it. It had all the IsNumber IsAplha and all those
      hyperlinked to each other - about 15-20 jumps.

      > Also I have a simple copy of the entire 4.82 Help file in.otl
      > format.


      Clean-Funnies: click and send...
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