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3835Re: [Clip] RegExp Replace Side

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  • Jody
    May 31, 2000
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      Hi Claes,

      >>> ^!Replace "{H=.*}" >> "<EM>\1</EM>" HSR

      >>Nope, pastes <EM>\1</EM> into the doc

      >If you then try the same using Search/Replace..., ie as an ordinary
      >command, it works OK.

      I really don't think the ones we are using are suppose to work in
      ^!Replace. From Help with my emphasis:

      The following examples use the NoteTab Replace *_dialog box_*
      (press Ctrl+R to open it). Make sure you tick the "regex box"
      before trying them.

      Changes all H2 tags to H3:
      Find: <H2>{.*}</H2>
      Replace with: <H3>\1</H3>

      > But the funny part is that if you then try the clip, this time
      > it also works fine.

      That might be, but why would you want to run it twice? <bg> If
      you set a variable and go to another clip and run it, the
      variable is still set. ;)

      Happy Clip'n!


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