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3832Re: [Clip] RegExp Replace Side

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  • Claes Gauffin
    May 31, 2000
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      Hi Jody,

      At 23:13 2000-05-30 -0500, you wrote:

      >H=Snatch Highlight
      >^!Select All
      >^!Replace "H=.*" >> "<EM>H=.*</EM>" HSR

      Try this instead

      ^!Select ALL
      ^!Replace "{H=.*}" >> "<EM>\1</EM>" HSR

      Each group enclosed in braces on the find side (a tagged match is the term
      I believe) can be represented on the replace side with \n where n=1 to 9.
      /1 represents the first occurrence of a tagged match on the find side, \2
      the second and so on.

      Regards /Claes
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