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3829RegExp Replace Side

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  • Jody
    May 30, 2000
      Hi All,

      How can I use RegExp on the replace side of ^!Replace. The way
      I understand it we can do it in v4.82. I am try trying to wrap
      the search criteria. I already have Clips to do it, but would
      like to learn this.

      H=Snatch Highlight
      ^!Select All
      ^!Replace "H=.*" >> "<EM>H=.*</EM>" HSR
      ; ^!Select All
      ; ^!Replace "\n:.*" >> "\n<FONT CLASS=red>:.*</FONT>" HASR
      ; ^!Select All
      ; ^!Replace "\n;.*" >> "\n<FONT CLASS=tangerine>;.*</FONT>" HASR

      H=Test text
      H=Syntax Highlight
      ; Last updated on 05-30-2000

      ^!Info You need to add "H" to the ClipName.

      It is for my Snatch-A-Clip page. Result I am looking for:

      <EM>H=Syntax Highlight</EM>
      <FONT CLASS=tangerine>; Last updated on 05-30-2000</FONT>

      <FONT CLASS=red>:Oops</FONT>
      ^!Info You need to add "H" equals in front of the ClipName.


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