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3533Re: [Clip] Endora Mail to OTL

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  • Jody
    May 1, 2000
      Hi Sky,

      Gee Sky, you don't ask for too much do you? :)

      Although MailBag Assistant will not delete the latter part of the
      posts it will convert them all too a NoteTab Outline in no time
      at all. You may encounter a resource problem deleting all but 3
      paragraphs from each post. A script certainly can do it and
      NoteTab is able. Eric will be working on MailBag, hopefully
      soon. Perhaps he can add a feature to only get the first so many
      lines if that many exists of a post and strip the rest to

      Is has been said, "Try it, you'll like it." ;)

      I don't have the time to write you a script for it nor do I want
      to rack my brain calculating lines to delete. :)

      > I have over 300MG of email in Endora... (Yes, you read
      > correctly - It's a long story really... hehehe)
      > What I desperately need is an automated way to convert each
      > mail folder into a new .otl file in NoteTab. (with each
      > individual message in it's own heading...) I'm sure somebody
      > out there already has such a clip... (fingers crossed...)
      > All 300 MG, once stripped of ads etc, should only be a 20MG
      > outline or so... (fingers crossed again...)
      > Most of the crucial info in each email is in the first thru
      > third paragraphs... All of the rest can be deleted (either
      > automatically or by hand... :-(

      Happy Bag'n!

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