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3531Endora Mail to OTL

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  • Sky- Surfer
    May 1, 2000
      Hi All...

      I have over 300MG of email in Endora... (Yes, you read correctly
      - It's a long story really... hehehe)

      What I desperately need is an automated way to convert each mail
      folder into a new .otl file in NoteTab. (with each individual
      message in it's own heading...) I'm sure somebody out there
      already has such a clip... (fingers crossed...)

      All 300 MG, once stripped of ads etc, should only be a 20MG
      outline or so... (fingers crossed again...)

      Most of the crucial info in each email is in the first thru third
      paragraphs... All of the rest can be deleted (either
      automatically or by hand... :-(

      Thanx in advance...


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