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3096[Clip] Re: More Fun With rundll and rundll32.exe

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  • Eb Guenther
    Apr 1, 2000
      Hi RS,

      I understood the clip Eric presented. I did
      >>NOT understand why my clip, using the same
      >>technique to populate a prompt string, did not.
      > >^!SetListDelimiter=|
      > >;
      > >^!Set
      > %List%=^$StrReplace("^$GetSysPath$";;"^$GetFiles("^$GetSysPath$";"*.cpl")$
      > "; False;False)$
      > >;
      > >^!Set %Value%=^?{(H=15)Choose CPL program to execute==^%List%}
      > >
      > >gets the new default delimiter, but in _my_ code:
      > >
      > >^!SetListDelimiter=|
      > >^!Set %List%=^$GetValue("Settings:whatever")$
      > >^!Set %Value%=^?{(H=15)Choose from the list==^%List%}
      > >
      > >it does NOT get the new default??
      >Just a guess, no time to research myself:
      >Your clip is setting %List% with a single value. Eric's assigns a list of
      >values with the GetFiles function.

      Thanks RS, but the ^$GetValue function retrieves a semicolon
      delimited list from the INI file. It does not matter whether
      I use Get or getArray, the result is NOT "|" delimited, even
      though I specifically SET "|" as delimiter.

      Eric's ^$GetFiles function retrieves a ^%NL% delimited list
      of filenames, which winds up as "|" delimited in %List%.

      This is a neat bit of magic, eliminating the need for a
      separate replacement of ";" with "|", to convert an array
      to a prompt string for a Wizard. But it doesn't work with
      other functions, so far.


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