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2821[Clip] Re: Interesting Database Question

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  • Clint Tredway
    Mar 1, 2000
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      Thanks for the help guys. Here is exactly what I want to do.

      As a web developer I write many Insert, Update, and Delete Statements. I
      want to write a clip that will give me a list of tables from a selected
      database. Then I want to choose the table and the be given a list of columns
      in the table that I chose. Then I will choose the columns that I want and
      then click "OK" and have my insert or update statement written out the
      proper format.

      If this is possible, after this clip is written I want to do the same thing
      for stored procedures. I know that I can write this type of 'utility' in
      Visual Basic, but I would rather do it throught note tab so I don't have to
      go back and forth between apps.

      I don't think a text file will work in this situation.

      Thanks again guys.
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