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2818[Clip] Re: Interesting Question

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  • Wayne VanWeerthuizen
    Mar 1, 2000
      Jody <KJB1611@...> wrote:
      >Hi Clint,
      > > Does anyone know if a clip can be written to query a database
      > > and return the tables and the be able to read the column's out
      > > of a specified table?

      I posted a response earlier, but probably was thinking more
      complicated than you really need.

      If this is a job you only need to do occasionally, and don't
      have to worry about the database being updated during the
      process, you only need to export the table as a tab delimited
      file. Then my clipbook called NoteAwk has some good tools for
      extracting any fields you need from the file.


      If you need to be able to give the database more advanced queries,
      or work with it "live" (e.g. while it is being modified by other
      programs), then you'll need to find a way to access it via a
      command line.

      If you have specific questions about the process, send me a
      private email. I'll help if I know the answer.

      Wayne M. VanWeerthuizen
      Homepage: http://landru.myhome.net/wayne
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