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2817[Clip] Re: Interesting Database Question

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  • Clint Tredway
    Mar 1, 2000
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      Wayne you are correct. I use both Access and MS SQL 7. I am trying to create
      some really complex clips to help in my web application development. If
      someone could help write this clip I would be very grateful



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      Jody <KJB1611@...> wrote:
      >Hi Clint,
      > > Does anyone know if a clip can be written to query a database
      > > and return the tables and the be able to read the column's out
      > > of a specified table?
      >You might try my NoteBlock on my Libraries page. When you say
      >"table" I don't know if you mean like an HTML table, but I have

      No. Clint was clearly asking about databases. A table
      (a 2 dimensional array of data) is a fundamental concept
      in relational databases.

      The answer depends on the database software in question.
      NoteTab does not have anyway of directly interfacing with
      databases; so I believe the database would have to allow
      queries to be given from the command line (e.g. DOS prompt).

      If I knew what database Clint was using (MS Access maybe?)
      someone could possibly write a command line utility for it,
      if it doesn't have one already. I really need to learn
      more about Access. ;-) I am used to using SQL databases
      from the Linux command line, but have never used Access.

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