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2624[Clip] Re: Glossary

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  • Carl Swann
    Feb 10, 2000
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      Jody wrote:
      > Hi Everyone,
      > I have about 100 words
      > left that I need definitions to written in every day plain
      > English
      > (You do not have to be a good
      > writer as long as you can make it so Carl Swann can understand -
      > he doesn't know it yet, but he volunteered to edit it. <g>)

      Methinks I just heard the "railroad" whistle <grin> - sure, Jody, I'll
      be glad to edit/proof whatever the fine NoteTab writing team comes up
      with... as long as *you* review the final clip syntax to make sure
      it's correct! I proudly remain an "eternal newbie" to the deeper
      intricacies of NoteTab clipwriting...

      > Thanks!

      Thank YOU for your leadership on these lists!

      ||||| Carl Swann, Kingsport TN
      (o o) "Starting slow, and coasting downhill from there"
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