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2604[Clip] Re: Suggestion/Request: Rebol support

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  • Eb Guenther
    Feb 8, 2000
      Hi Alan,

      > > REBOL is indeed a very interesting program....
      > > StdInput and StdOutput devices
      >As far as I can tell, it does not.

      My guess would be, that it has to be able to interface
      with STDIN and STDOUT.

      Webservers expect script output to be sent to STDOUT,
      and the CGI POST method places data into STDIN, where
      the script must be able to pick it up.

      So, if REBOL is to work as a CGI, will it not HAVE to
      interface with STDOUT/IN ?

      Furthermore, the hype I have seen about REBOL claims to
      be the answer to a system programmer's prayer, which
      again means, interfacing with STDIN/OUT.

      So the only question remaining is, HOW does the programmer
      implement this interface?


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