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2598[Clip] Re: Suggestion/Request: Rebol support

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  • Eric G.V. Fookes
    Feb 7, 2000
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      Hello Alan,

      >I would like to suggest that the new multi-platform "internet communications"
      >Relative Expression-Based Object Language (REBOL) developed by Amiga
      >OS guru Carl Sassenrath and free at http://www.rebol.com/ is bound to
      >become widespread and it might be useful to include a native command
      >such as ^!RunRebol.
      >Please check it out, its quite amazing in simplicity, ease of use and
      >especially tcp networking abilities. In addition it has powerful text
      >parsing abilities. It is not pitched as opposition to Perl, but it can
      >do most Perl stuff, but far less obtusely.

      REBOL is indeed a very interesting program, and I think that NoteTab would
      be a good interface for it. However, I'm reluctant to add a special Clip
      command for it before it really does become widespread. I haven't had time
      to look at it in detail, but does it use the StdInput and StdOutput devices
      like Perl and Gawk (especially to make use of its parsing abilities)?

      Eric Fookes
      NoteTab v4.6a available from
      http://www.notetab.com and http://www.notetab.ch
      NoteTab v4.8 Beta from

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