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2547[Clip] Re: Two Variables

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  • Jody
    Jan 31, 2000
      Hi Larry,

      > No Joke, it looks as though I have already gotten 2. and 4.
      > with my "Quick List - Disk Files" clip posted to the beta list.

      I could get them all in real easy if I wanted to add some
      options, but I don't want to take up the window space for
      something I can do another way for the amount of times I'd be
      using it. I can understand why Eric does not add a number of our
      requests for that same reason.

      > To change the attribute, all you need to do is get the open
      > file dialog going from the wizard and right click on a file and
      > select "Properties" and then change the hidden attribute.
      > Click ok and then cancel the wizard. Not elegant but it works
      > in a pinch.

      Actually, for some folk that just have a few extra and do not
      really have the need for some more powerful stuff like many of
      us, that is a good idea. No Clip is even needed, just use the
      Open dialog but cancel out once the attribute is changed. Folks
      like us though are way too spoiled to do all that work though. I
      think Eric has ruined us forevermore. :)

      I'll probably be shoot'n some icons and a .ctb file your way
      tonight. Perhaps we can do a joint effort on the Clipbar I have
      started to right Clips with. The Clips are the easy part, but
      making buttons takes awhile - fun though. :)

      Happy Clip'n!


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