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2541[Clip] Re: Two Variables

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  • Jody
    Jan 31 1:13 PM
      Hi Larry,

      > I can use the clip below to go to and open hidden libraries
      > that I rarely use and not have to have them on my library bar
      > at all.

      > H="Change Clipbooks"

      One nice thing about NoteTab is the many ways to do things so we
      all can have our own little methods. The reason I will stick
      with the Librarian 115 is because it uses the old method of
      hiding Libraries. I don't like long pull down lists and by
      renaming the extension to ._lb like the Library now it keeps them
      off my pull down list. I have plenty of room to add a least 6
      more Library buttons on my bar so that is not and issue. I have
      a Clipbar tool to toggle the Libraries bar in view and out and
      another the hide the Clipbook. Most every I do is one click. :)
      Three or two and a double to bring a Library out of hide where
      your loadlibrary takes me five. Once again though - if that is
      what you and I like and we are happy with it then, go for it. :)

      Happy Clip'n!


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