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2533[Clip] Re: Two Variables

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  • Charles M. Raine
    Jan 31, 2000
      At 11:34 AM 1/31/2000 -0600, you wrote:

      Hi Larry and All:

      Thanks Jody.  You gave me an idea on how to make group switches for turning
      library buttons on and off with the new attribute command similar to the
      clipbook librarian.  I am going to try this and see what I can do.

      The Clipbook Librarian has been re-written to make use of the New Attribute Command and will be posted to my web page as soon as NoteTab Ver 4.8 is released. I have not posted it in case there are any further changes to NoteTab which may be relevant to function of the Librarian.

      Anyone who would like a copy of this new version should contact me privately.


      Charles M. Raine             Home Page: http://www.escape.ca/~rainec
      Phone (204) 895-0940         ICQ # 300058
      Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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