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24540RE: [Clip] Transfer variables between Notetab and Take Command

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  • John Shotsky
    Aug 22 7:55 AM

      I don't think you can do this 'directly' as in accessing the variables directly from the computer's environment variables.

      If you can set your variable(s) of interest to a text file, and save the text file in a known location, you can set the NTP variable to the 'gettext' of that file. If there are standard variables that will be reused from session to session, you can save your variables in the NoteTab.ini file. I save the locations of all the programs that NoteTab works with in the .ini file, and upon startup, it just verifies that the program .exe's are actually there. So you could store your variables the same way. You might store standard variables in your tcmd.exe folder, for example, and store that folder path in a variable, so that you could use "^%tcmdpath%variable1.txt" to access those text files.

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      Friends,Take Command is a very good program, to control a computer. NTP is a very good program, to work with texts.

      For 10 years, I used both, transferring variables from NTP to TC, but always using a bat file. Like that:

      ^!Shell e:\tcmdu\tcmd.exe e:\tcmdu\variable.bat ^%myntpvariable1% ^%myntpvariavle2%

      and in this bat, I use %1 and %2 to these two variables.

      My question is:

      How to transfer a TC variable (like @name)  to a NTP variable (like ^%variable%), let say directly? And vice versa.

      This is possible?

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