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24512Re: [Clip] Merging Unicode files

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  • Axel Berger
    Jul 11, 2014
      "'John Shotsky' jshotsky@... [ntb-clips]" wrote:
      > can't ask all my clip library users to remember to do it that way.
      > Ok, so it's a dead end. Perhaps a DOS (CMD) concatenate will
      > work, but I think it barfs on Unicode too.

      I believe it won't, but that doesn't help you. You still have to open the
      file in NT somehow and that's where the damage gets done. The is an open as
      "UTF-8 (no conversion" in the menu but I never could get that to work for

      So you're stuck with the one solution that does work, copy and paste into a
      document NT bleives to be ANSI. If you want to automate that for others you
      ought to look into the ^$GetFileText(FileName)$ command, with luck it might
      just work.

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