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24421Re: [Clip] Clipbooks that did not appear; then closing error and clogging

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  • Adrian Worsfold
    Apr 23, 2014
      Hello Dave, Loro others

      I looked through the ICS business regarding networks and the like. I think it would be a red herring in a whodunnit.

      Good question Dave. I suspected clips for a while, and connections outward (DOS would be one).

      Last night after it happened again I dropped NoteTab.exe the program on to a Hex editor and did a search for User and for ICS. ICS then revealed itself as IntelliComplete Server. Ah. So I switched it off. It booted up today with it off, and I have used NoteTab and so far no problem.

      When there was no problem before the old program connected to UAS, a related but different completer, and it wasn't on. I note that there is a user.lib file at IntelliCompleteServer there too, so I shall look at these. It is not a big issue to remove this - NoteTab was not the only program to connect to this completer, or UAS (not sure), which I only used really as a spelling check as I sometimes typed through what appeared.

      That it refers to ICS, that ICS refers to a lib three times, and is working across Windows between two programs, suggests that I have the culprit.

      But I could be wrong.

      Adrian Worsfold


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