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24417Re: [Clip] Clipbooks that did not appear; then closing error and clogging

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  • Adrian Worsfold
    Apr 22, 2014
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      Hello Loro etc.

      It's happened again. So my hope it had stopped was wrong. I'd been into the restored NoteTab and used the clips, and just after posting the response to this discussion the Reducing User Library notice came on again and the computer slowed to a snail.

      So I will have to put the older NoteTab back in again and play with the clips and see if it does fail, but it didn't before. There is something about how using this version doesn't clear.

      It raises the puzzle, though, when did it start and why did it start then and why didn't it do what it does now before - what it did before was frequently blank out the clips on reopening but it could be forced to close and reopen fresh again. It has never been problem free. It's only the text processing it does that keeps me using it.

      Adrian Worsfold


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