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24405Re: [Clip] Bug in ^!Copy

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  • Dave
    Apr 13, 2014
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      I always thought copyfile and movefile were effectively still dos with a
      notetab front in notetab6 ??

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      Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2014 9:19 AM
      Subject: [Clip] Bug in ^!Copy

      > The Acrobat reader locks files it has opened for reading. So when a PDF is
      > open in Acrobat and I issue a ^!Move across drives
      > ^!MoveFile "E:\Oldname.pdf" "G:\Newname.pdf"
      > the file is copied but not deleted. It is moved when I close it first in
      > Acrobat. If the move
      > is on the same drive and it's open, nothing is done, which is not nice,
      > but
      > knowing how moving works, logical. (An error message would be nice and
      > appropriate though.)
      > BUT copying the open file,
      > ^!CopyFile "E:\Oldname.pdf" "G:\Newname.pdf"
      > while perfectly possible through Windows, is also not possible, neither
      > inside nor between drives, nothing gets done AND THERE IS NO ERROR
      > MESSAGE!
      > This (both parts of it) seems a bug to me.
      > Axel
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